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8 - Violin II
5 - Viola
5 - Violoncello
5 - Contrabass


for String Orchestra
Grade 2
by Karel Butz

Commissioned by the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township, Indianapolis, Indiana Eastwood Middle School Orchestra, Corinne Imboden, Director

The term journey can evoke various images associated with travel. I purposely avoided a specific area or destination in the title in order to allow performers and listeners to create their own interpretation regarding this journey whether it be an actual physical destination or perhaps a personal life journey of sorts. This contemplative and hopeful piece should be performed tenderly and with a full array of emotions requiring the performer to demonstrate song-like phrasing as well as bowing techniques that produce various colors and dynamic levels.

Melodic lines should be performed with sustained legato bow strokes and rich continuous vibrato in order to imitate the singing human voice. Accompanying ostinato passages (first introduced by the second violin) require vibrato emphasis on the tenuto quarter notes while avoiding too much shortness on the hooked eighth-note bowings. First violin harmonics (measures 29-30 and 33-34) should strongly resonate above the tremolo lines. In addition, performers are encouraged to explore shifting into more advanced positions in order to create a warmer timbre. For example, the introductory first violin melodic line provides opportunity for work in the third position. K.B.

MP 99137
Duration: 3:45
Score & Parts: $55.00
Score only: $7.00

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