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Symphony No. V: Elements

Grades 5-6 for concert band
by Julie Giroux

Premiered June 9, 2018, Princeton University, New Jersey
by the Eastern Wind Symphony, Todd Nichols, Conductor

“Elements“ is a symphonic work in 3 movements. It is available as a complete set or each movement is available separately. Please visit each movement's page below.

     Symphony No. V, “Elements,“ is my attempt to describe the three elements Sun, Rain and Wind with music. It was my goal to literally submerse the listener in musically graphic situations so much so that, after listening to the respective movements, they would emotionally “feel“ like they had been physically touched by each. I wanted to musically present sunrises as well as sunburn the audience with intense heat, then drench and heal them with rain, and finally blow them back against their seats with the power and excitement of wind. Each movement can stand alone. Applause is welcomed after each movement even if the entire symphony is being performed. There is a revisit of some of the thematic materials from both “Sun“ and “Rain“ in the finale “Wind.“ Some of the settings in “Wind“ depict hot winds and blowing rain to name just a couple. There is also an interesting graphic representation in notes in the score. Be sure and ask to see those two pages in the “Wind“ score.

    I do believe I achieved what I set out to do. This is also my most demanding work for Wind Ensemble in both technique as well as instrumentation. The orchestration is tailored for using a B-flat Contrabass Clarinet OR E-flat Contra Alto Clarinet in addition to Contrabassoon. It also requires a professional level pianist. None of those instruments are optional, they are all absolutely required. The program notes go into detail regarding each movement's focus. Audiences are encouraged to read the program notes for each movement prior to listening as a way of actively participating with the music.

MP 99157
Complete Score & Parts: $410.00
Complete Score only: $85.00

I. Sun in C
II. Rain in D♭
III. Wind in E♭

Elements Complete

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